The 5 Guitarists Who Revolutionised Guitar Playing

Be prepared to take a musical journey through time, on the trail of the five remarkable guitarists who revolutionised the way the guitar is played and left a lasting mark on the music scene. Charlie Christian: The pioneer of the electric guitar Let’s start with Charlie Christian, one of the first guitarists to realise the … Read more

Latin grooves on the bass: the rhythm of fire

Welcome, friends of bass playing! Today we will take you to the exciting world of Latin grooves, where we will dedicate ourselves to Samba, Baiao, Partido Alto, Reverse Partido Alto, and Tumbao. So buckle up, we’re entering the territory of rhythmic passion and fiery melodies. Samba – the dance of the bass Samba, a traditional … Read more

Valeton GP-200JR in test: An ultimate multi-effects pedal for unprecedented musical fun

The first impression As your eyes wander over the Valeton GP-200JR, you quickly realize that real thought has gone into the design of this multi-effects pedal. The appealing aesthetic appearance indicates from the back that high quality has been adhered to, and the massive wealth of features behind the physical buttons and knobs promises a … Read more

Rolling Stones present brand new album: ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Attention music lovers! A real highlight is just around the corner: The Rolling Stones have announced a brand new album – ‘Hackney Diamonds’. Are you ready for a thrilling musical journey? Then buckle up and get excited about what’s to come. The Rolling Stones announcement In unmistakable fashion, the Rolling Stones have announced their exciting … Read more

The Art of Doublestop Playing on Electric Bass

What are Doublestops exactly? You’re probably wondering: what exactly are doublestops? A doublestop is a playing technique in which two strings are struck or plucked simultaneously, thus creating a full and complex sound. The doublestop technique is commonly known through the violin sound, but it also has a great importance in electric bass playing. It’s … Read more