The Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red: A fusion of style and sound

Are you looking for an acoustic guitar that combines charisma and authenticity with highly competent technical aspects? Then put on your leather jackets and join us on the musical stage to check out the Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red.

Technical details at a glance

Specification detail
Guitar type acoustic guitar
model Ultra 1516
Series VRM-G Vampira Red
Top Lyrachord
Back mahogany
neck maple
Fingerboard Walnut
Pickup system OCP-1K
Electronics OP-Pro Studio
dimensions 100 x 42 x 15 cm
weight 5 kg

Technical aspects in detail

The Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red is no ordinary instrument. It goes beyond expectations in terms of traditional sound and playability. The top is made of the unique Lyrachord material, a combination of fiberglass and resin known for its exceptional durability and resonant sound. The back is made of mahogany, which gives the guitar a warm, rich tone.

Features of the guitar

The Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red has a lot of specific features that set it apart from other guitars. The OCP-1K pickup provides an excellent sound spectrum, while the OP-Pro Studio system offers outstanding amplification quality and versatility. Its tailpiece, designed to evenly distribute the tension of the strings, maximizes the guitar’s resonance and sustain.

Guitar material and top

The Ovation Ultra uses Lyrachord for the top, a proprietary compound developed to provide the best acoustic properties. Lyrachord’s ability to absorb and radiate energy helps to amplify the guitar’s sound and ensure consistent performance.

Appearance of the Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red

The Vampira Red version of the model impresses with its beguiling look. The glossy red finish provides a visually stunning contrast to the dark, curved contours of the body. With its silver tuners and mother-of-pearl pickguard, it radiates elegance and wildness in equal measure.

Tailpiece and strings

The Ovation Ultra is characterized by its innovative pinless tailpiece, which allows the strings to vibrate evenly at all times. In addition, its premium string set ensures a fuller and warmer sound.

The X-Bracing

A special feature of this guitar is the X-bracing under the top. This construction reinforces the top of the guitar and influences the sound by distributing the vibrational energy over the entire surface.

The electronics, the pickup and the tuner

The Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red is equipped with the OCP-1K pickup system, which delivers a clean, balanced sound. The OP-Pro Studio system offers a range of adjustment options for the tone control and the integrated Korg tuner is very intuitive and accurate.

Processing of the neck and fingerboard

The maple neck and walnut fingerboard contribute to the overall sound and give a comfortable feel to the hand on the fingerboard. The on-board action is largely comfortable and the well-crafted frets are convincing in terms of playability.

The headstock

The headstock of the Ovation Ultra is characterized by its classic design, with mother-of-pearl inlays and silver tuners. It proudly bears the Ovation logo at the top and follows it to the smooth, well-crafted and precise tuning machines.

Applications for the Ovation Ultra

The Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red is versatile. It is suitable for solo artists and bands alike and offers an impressive sound both in the studio and live on stage. Whether you play rock, country or pop, this guitar is sure to exceed your musical expectations.

Our conclusion

The Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red is an expression of Ovation’s ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and design. It all comes together in this guitar: The unique aesthetics meet outstanding materials and technical features. The Ovation Ultra 1516 VRM-G Vampira Red is a guitar that has earned its place in the music world – and in your hands.