The Chroma Console from Hologram Electronics: A milestone among multi-effects pedals

Introduction and description of the Chroma Console pedal

Ready for a new adventure in the world of multi-effects pedals? Here comes the Chroma Console from Hologram Electronics. You might think of normal pedals that offer maybe two or three effects. But Hologram Electronics is thinking in a completely different dimension. Their new Chroma Console pedal is as attractive as it is powerful, a game changer for music lovers and audio engineers.

Described as a “creative hub” for effects, the pedal offers you a blend of the analog and digital worlds – a hybrid, in fact. It can be used as a standalone effects unit or as part of a larger setup. The elegant gray metal housing immediately proves that the Chroma Console Pedal is stylish enough to stand up to the duel of pedals. Add to that eye-catching colored pots that are easy to turn, allowing for precise adjustments without risky ratchets or hard clicks.

Input calibrations of the Chroma Console pedal

A crucial aspect of the Chroma Console Pedal is the detailed calibration of the inputs and outputs. This pedal has been designed for a wide range of input levels to give its users maximum flexibility. 

The input impedance of the pedal is around 1 MOhm, which makes it perfect for connecting both low- and high-impedance audio devices.

The output impedance is optimized to a value of 100 ohms. This makes it possible to connect the Chroma Console Pedal to other pedals, amplifiers or audio interfaces without affecting the sound. This allows the pedal to handle an incredibly wide range of audio tasks, regardless of your specific audio setup.

Rich features of the Chroma Console Pedal

The Chroma Console Pedal stands for infinity. Its versatile functions allow you to create an impressive range of sounds and textures. It has eight different effect modules, including a delay, a pitch shifter, a destruction unit and a spectrum tuner. Each of these modules has its own unique sound and can be used individually or as part of an effects chain.

Prices and availability of the Chroma Console Pedal

Now for the important part, the price and availability. The Chroma Console Pedal costs around 429 dollars, a price that is absolutely justified given its merciless performance. Compare that to the cost of a single effects pedal and you’ll realize what an exceptional value you’re getting here.

In terms of availability, the pedal is already available at many major music stores and can also be ordered directly from the Hologram Electronics website. Shipping starts this month, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on your very own Chroma Console Pedal. Take this opportunity and dive into the world of endless creative possibilities!