The art of songwriting with the guitar

Quick facts about songwriting Songwriting is a technical and creative process – an art that allows emotions and stories to be expressed musically. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, songwriting with the guitar offers many different possibilities and forms of expression. You can write your own songs or be inspired by existing … Read more

Play the ukulele with enthusiasm: 5 essential tips to improve your playing style

Quick Facts about the Ukulele The ukulele, your beloved and radiant four-string instrument, originated in Hawaii. Small dimensions meet huge sound, making it the perfect companion for any music lover. Whether around the campfire or in the music studio, the ukulele has its own unique charm and character. An important aspect of getting the maximum … Read more

Latin grooves on the bass: the rhythm of fire

Welcome, friends of bass playing! Today we will take you to the exciting world of Latin grooves, where we will dedicate ourselves to Samba, Baiao, Partido Alto, Reverse Partido Alto, and Tumbao. So buckle up, we’re entering the territory of rhythmic passion and fiery melodies. Samba – the dance of the bass Samba, a traditional … Read more

The Art of Doublestop Playing on Electric Bass

What are Doublestops exactly? You’re probably wondering: what exactly are doublestops? A doublestop is a playing technique in which two strings are struck or plucked simultaneously, thus creating a full and complex sound. The doublestop technique is commonly known through the violin sound, but it also has a great importance in electric bass playing. It’s … Read more

The Path to Mastery in Sweep Picking on the Guitar – An In-depth Workshop

Sweep Picking Demystified Sweep picking is an advanced technique on the guitar characterized by a fast flowing movement of the pick across multiple strings. Listen to classic songs from the metal or rock genres, and you’re likely to see this technique in action. It allows you to create lightning-fast arpeggios that melodically enhance the musical … Read more