Dedication to detail: The Wampler Tumnus Germanium in the test

Technical details

The technical specifications of the Wampler Tumnus Germanium are listed in a clear table below:

Type Overdrive Pedal
Germanium DiodenYes 
Control knob Volume, Gain, Treble
True BypassYes 
Power supply9V DC power supply unit 
HousingRobust metal
Country of manufactureUSA 

Technical details in focus

The Wampler Tumnus Germanium is an overdrive pedal equipped with germanium diodes. These diodes are a centrepiece of this pedal, as they make a significant contribution to its unique sound. Germanium diodes are often the focus of interest for many tone hunters and boutique pedal builders, as they are known for their warm, smooth and dynamic sound characteristics – a sound often associated with classic rock and blues recordings from the 60s and 70s.

The pedal offers controls for volume, gain and treble, which is in line with many other overdrive pedals. The three controls give you enough control to shape the sound to your liking without becoming too complex. The variety of sounds available is surprisingly large despite the limited number of controls.

The Tumnus Germanium is equipped with a true bypass, which means that when the pedal is switched off, your signal bypasses the device completely and does not affect your tone in any way.

The housing is made of robust metal and is therefore very durable – an important feature when you consider that overdrive pedals are often played and kicked hard.

Housing and operation

The robust metal housing of the Wampler Tumnus Germanium leaves nothing to be desired in terms of stability and durability. Its surface is smooth and professionally finished, with no corners or edges that could make life difficult for you. The controls are firm and precise, with a pleasant resistance when turning. They allow precise and sensitive adjustment of your sound.

The robust metal housing of the Wampler Tumnus Germanium is built to last. It is well designed and seems to survive even the toughest live performances without any problems. The surface is smooth and professionally polished, with no sharp edges or corners to snag cables or other gear. It exudes the professionalism and craftsmanship that has made Wampler Pedals famous for their products.

The controls for volume, gain and treble offer a pleasant turning feel with a certain amount of resistance. They are easy to read and allow quick sound adjustments even in difficult lighting conditions. The position of the controls is sensible, they sit well in the hand and offer sufficient space to prevent accidental movements.

Sound examples and practice

The sound examples were all recorded in practice by sending a Stratocaster and a Les Paul directly into the pedal and from there into an audio interface. We wanted to comprehensively cover and demonstrate the versatile sonic possibilities of the Wampler Tumnus Germanium. Each recording was made with the utmost care and professionalism to provide an accurate representation of the true sound of the overdrive pedal.

Care was taken to try out different gain settings to demonstrate both the subtle boost functions and the more powerful overdrive sounds. In combination with the different sound characteristics of the Stratocaster and the Les Paul, the sound examples give a good picture of how versatile the Tumnus Germanium can be and how it can adapt to the different characteristics of each guitar.

Functions and features

The Wampler Tumnus Germanium offers an impressive range of functions and features. The true bypass ensures that your basic tone remains unchanged when the pedal is switched off. The Germanium diodes deliver a warm, organic overdrive sound that is perfect for a variety of musical styles. With the three controls for volume, gain and treble, you can shape your sound to your liking.


In terms of sound, functionality and construction, the Wampler Tumnus Germanium ticks all the boxes. This pedal offers an impressive combination of a robust metal housing, simple but effective design and versatile sound options. Whether you’re looking to add a little more warmth and depth to your basic sound or are looking for a versatile overdrive that can adapt to a variety of musical styles, the Wampler Tumnus Germanium is an excellent choice. Its price-performance ratio is excellent and its performance is unrivalled. A real insider tip!