Valeton GP-200JR in test: An ultimate multi-effects pedal for unprecedented musical fun

The first impression

As your eyes wander over the Valeton GP-200JR, you quickly realize that real thought has gone into the design of this multi-effects pedal. The appealing aesthetic appearance indicates from the back that high quality has been adhered to, and the massive wealth of features behind the physical buttons and knobs promises a vibrant sonic adventure just waiting to be explored.

Technical details at a glance

Specification Value 
Effects 200+
Presets 150 
Foot switch 12 
I/O Ports
Tuner Integrated 

The wealth of functions

A big part of the excitement for the Valeton GP-200JR is the enormous variety of built-in effects. You can choose from over 200 effects here, giving you a seemingly endless palette of creative possibilities. You can enjoy the pristine, clear tones as well as the violently distorted sounds, and the modulation and time-based effects add a dimensionality and depth to your playing that is second to none. You can choose from the 150 built-in presets or create and save your own sounds – the choice and freedom the GP-200JR gives you is truly impressive.

Workmanship and construction

Weighing in at just 1.3 kg and with its compact dimensions, the GP-200JR is an amazingly portable device. But don’t let its small size fool you: This unit is built to be incredibly sturdy and durable. The strong footswitches that give heavily under the pressure of your foot, and the solid cabinet construction show that this effects pedal is built to last.

Elements and structure

Although the GP-200JR is packed with twelve footswitches, four input/output ports, and umpteen effects, it never feels cluttered or confusing. The layout is intuitive, the knobs and buttons are clearly marked and easy to access, and the brightly lit LED display clearly informs you of your current settings.


Anyone who has worked with multi-effects pedals knows that they can sometimes be difficult to use. However, Valeton has made sure that you can use the GP-200JR without any complications. You can navigate through the menus with ease, the footswitches are smooth, and the buttons and knobs provide very pleasant haptic feedback.

Hands-on experience

During our extensive testing, the GP-200JR was used in a variety of situations, from rehearsals to live performances, and it proved to be a reliable and versatile instrument every time. The sounds are of high quality and the easy access to the individual effects allows for quick and seamless adjustment of the sound, which is especially appreciated during live performances.

Advantages and disadvantages

150 built-in and storable presetsButtons might get tired with prolonged use
Impressive palette of 200+ effectsSome users might prefer a wider variety of input and output options
Sturdy and solid build quality
Compact and portable design
Bright and informative LED display
Intuitive operation


In conclusion, the Valeton GP-200JR is an impressive multi-effects pedal that offers incredible value for money. With its numerous functions, robust design and intuitive operation, it is a device that will expand the creative horizons of any musician. Although it has minor drawbacks such as key fatigue with extended use, overall the GP-200JR is an excellent product that we highly recommend.