Rolling Stones present brand new album: ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Attention music lovers! A real highlight is just around the corner: The Rolling Stones have announced a brand new album – ‘Hackney Diamonds’. Are you ready for a thrilling musical journey? Then buckle up and get excited about what’s to come.

The Rolling Stones announcement

In unmistakable fashion, the Rolling Stones have announced their exciting new work. Not digitally, you should think here, but the old-fashioned way in a flashy newspaper ad. The entire page 5 of the London Times was filled with a powerful red background with just the words “Rolling Stones: Hackney Diamonds” emblazoned across it. Then at the bottom of the page, in small print, was the release date and pre-order information. A simple, yet irresistible invitation to listen.

What the editor-in-chief says

Richard Wilson, the executive editor of The Times, has also offered exciting insights about the new album. At a press conference, he said, “It’s always an honor to have the announcement of a new Stones album in our paper. But ‘Hackney Diamonds’ is really something special. It promises to be another milestone in the Rolling Stones’ long and remarkable history.”

What we can expect from ‘Hackney Diamonds

The question remains, what will ‘Hackney Diamonds’ really offer us? The answer is: Promising! There are clear indications that the new album will combine the typical energetic rock’n’roll mood of the Rolling Stones with a fresh and modern touch. Numerous hints from insiders and critics speak of experimental elements, reinterpretations of old hits and some musical surprises.


The Rolling Stones’ new album ‘Hackney Diamonds’ already exudes an exciting aura before it’s even been released. The Warner spirit of the band is carried in every note and fans can look forward to a wild, unpredictable musical journey. So stay tuned, music lovers, and don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order this highlight. ‘Hackney Diamonds’ could be the next big thing in the music year. You certainly won’t be disappointed!