Guitar Summit 2023: The spotlight is on the guitar

Rejoice, guitar lovers! Get ready to swing your sides loose and experience an unparalleled musical event – Guitar Summit 2023. This exciting three-day event is fully dedicated to the sounds and passion of our beloved six-stringed comrades. Here you can immerse yourself in a world of melodies and give your sense of music a whole new dimension.

What is the Guitar Summit?

The Guitar Summit is an annual event completely dedicated to the universe of guitars. From acoustic guitars to electric guitars and basses, the Summit offers space for the creativity of every guitar lover. It is the central gathering of the entire guitar industry and serves as a unique opportunity for guitar builders, manufacturers, dealers, musicians and guitar geeks to exchange ideas and educate themselves.

Who’s there.

Among the exhibitors showcasing their unique guitars and related equipment, you’ll find big names like Gibson, Fender and Martin, as well as specialized handmade brands just waiting for you to discover them. From high-profile musicians, renowned guitar builders, stringed instrument experts to hardcore guitar fans, Guitar Summit offers a home to all.

The program of the Guitar Summit 2023

But the main attraction of Guitar Summit is, of course, the countless live performances, workshops, seminars and autograph sessions. Here you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and seminars to further develop your skills and hone your guitar craft. But not only inquisitive people will get their money’s worth, concert lovers will also get their money’s worth through the live concerts, where international greats of the music scene will perform.

Looking back at the Guitar Summit 2022

Looking back on Guitar Summit 2022, you can look forward to an event that was at least as breathtaking. Highlights included a masterclass by John Petrucci, the legendary guitarist of the band Dream Theater, and a live performance by award-winning fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. There were also the fascinating lectures and discussions on the latest trends in the guitar world, which offered both informative and educational aspects.

Tickets, directions and venue

You want to be there? Get your tickets online at the official Guitar Summit website. You will meet at the Rosengarten Mannheim, a prestigious conference and event center that fits perfectly into the magnificent urban landscape of Mannheim.

Mannheim itself is easy to reach by car, train and plane. Accommodation options are also plentiful in the city. However, we recommend that you plan your travel and accommodation well in advance in order to be able to enjoy the event to the full without stress.

Dear music lovers, get ready for a breathtaking weekend full of melodies, harmonies and sound experiments. Be there when guitar magic fills the airs of Mannheim. We look forward to seeing you at Guitar Summit 2023!