The remarkable performance of the Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL X microphone preamplifier – A detailed test report

Dear music lovers, when looking for the ultimate microphone preamp, the Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL X is a name you’ve probably heard before. But does this device live up to its promise? There’s a lot of power in this candy-colored, compact device that can enhance your recordings.

Specifications Data
Input impedance 3 KOhm  
Output impedance150 Ohm
Frequency range 20Hz – 20kHz
Maximum output+24 dB
Phantom powerYes (48V)  
Dimensions 14,6 x 8,89 x 4,83 cm
Weight 907g


The Cloudlifter CL X goes far beyond just volume boosting. The ground lift option switch can reduce hum and interference. The gain controls allow for a fine-tuned gain of +25 dB in both channels. In addition, the unit offers a high-pass filter option that cuts off interfering low frequencies to deliver a cleaner signal.

Pros and cons


– Increases microphone gain

– Compact and rugged design

– Delivers clear sound image

– Ground filter function


– Relatively high price

– Requires phantom power

The advantages of the Cloudlifter CL X are undeniable. The ability to significantly increase microphone gain can take your recordings to a new level. In addition, the design is both compact and rugged and has proven to be road worthy. You’ll be blown away by the clear sound this preamp delivers. A valuable extra is the ground filter function, which eliminates annoying hum.

However, quality has its price. The Cloudlifter CL X is not exactly cheap, and you also need phantom power, since the device does not have its own power supply.


Despite its compact size, the Cloudlifter CL X is built tough to withstand harsher conditions. The pots run smoothly and evenly, and the switches feel sturdy. The case is made of sturdy metal, so it can withstand bumps and knocks.


With a slightly higher price tag, the Cloudlifter CL X is no bargain. But consider this: with its high performance and excellent sound quality, it offers fantastic value for money.


The +25 dB gain of the Cloudlifter CL X provides excellent saturation. The sound is reproduced precisely and clearly without losing warmth.


If the price of the Cloudlifter CL X puts you off a bit, you might consider looking at the Triton Audio FetHead or the sE Electronics DM1 DYNAMITE. Both offer similar performance at a lower price, but with sacrifices in features.


In conclusion, the Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL X is an excellent mic preamp that will take your recordings to the next level. The high price is justified by the quality and performance of the device. If you’re willing to invest in your setup, you won’t be disappointed with the Cloudlifter CL X’s benefits.